BC Link®

BC Link® processes data collected by medical devices and allows data integration with hospital information systems for enhanced patient monitoring. BC Link® is the first software that offers a complete connectivity solution for the needs of healthcare systems.


Connect to every medical device with the capacity to export data.


Integrate medical device data with any information system.


Analyze data using artificial intelligence to support clinical decisions.

Reduce workload

Wong, D. H. et al. Changes in intensive care unit nurse task activity after installa-tion of a third-generation intensive care unit information system. Crit. Care Med.31, 2488–2494 (2003).

Reduce errors

Ali, J., Barrow, L. & Vuylsteke, A. The impact of computerised physician order en-try on prescribing practices in a cardiothoracic intensive care unit*. Anaesthesia. 65, 119–123 (2010).

Reduce hospital stay

Levesque, E. et al. The implementation of an Intensive Care Information System allows shortening the ICU length of stay. J. Clin. Monit. Comput. 29, 263–269 (2015).

Reduce mortality

McCambridge, M. et al. Association of Health Information Technology and Tel-eintensivist Coverage With Decreased Mortality and Ventilator Use in Critically Ill Patients. Arch. Intern. Med. 170, 648–653 (2010).

BC Mview

BC Mview is the BC Link® display module that redefines the way healthcare professionals take care of patients. BC Mview automatically processes monitored patient data, providing centralized access on a single screen to all the information on patients and their data in a direct and accessible way. It enables real time and remote patient monitoring using a complete and intuitive interface.

BC Workstation

BC Workstation is BC Link®’s most advanced tool for clinical data mining, enabling complete patient monitoring and providing a centralized and retrospective view of the data.

BC Workstation expands and simplifies access to all a patient’s data, so healthcare professionals can review in detail a patient’s entire course from the cardiac, hemodynamic and ventilatory mechanics perspective.

Evaluate treatments and their effect on patients
Review clinical decisions and measure their effect
Investigate new trends and patterns
Support retrospective clinical studies

BC Link® strengths


BC Link® is a vendor-agnostic system for all medical devices with the capacity to export information.


BC Link® adapts to the needs of each project, implements a set of tools for the exchange of data between medical devices, HIS and third-party systems.


BC Link® registers waveform data that provide detailed information about the patient’s condition and make it possible to create highly reliable predictive models.


BC Link® analyzes patient data to support clinical decisions. We are constantly working on developing new indicators to predict adverse events.

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