Connect all medical devices.
Predict critical events.
Provide better care.

BC Technology

The opportunity

Nowadays, patients are monitored 24 hours a day in different care unit: ICUs, Reanimation, Neonates… Medical devices generate lots of data, but they are instantly lost once they disppear from the corresponding medical device screen. Only data stored correspond to instant numerical values introduced manually by the nurses in the Hospital Information System time to time (usually, every hour). Any other data is lost.

Data disruption implies:

  • Data loss
  • Clinical tests repetition
  • Incomplete patient information
  • Difficult patient tracking
  • Higher costs
  • Prolonged treatments and stays

The solution: BC Link

Complete connectivity
BetterCare Link is the first software platform offering a complete connectivity solution for today’s healthcare needs
Data always available
It doesn’t matter what is producing the patient data: BC Link will acquire it, process it, and send it wherever is needed.
Display anywhere, anytime
There’s no need to go after patient data anymore, data will always reach you instead in multiple platforms and devices.

Hospital solution

BC Link connectivity and processing solution will make your Hospital better and wiser

BC Link can be integrated with any HIS using standard and custom communication protocols. Its modularity allows multiple integration options to fit Hospital requirements. In the picture, patient clinical chart (with numerical values being automatically filled by BC Link) is displayed together with its continuous real time monitoring (as displayed in the original medical devices), as asked by the Hospital.

BC Link offers compatibility with the vast majority of bedside medical devices in ICU and step down units. Additional drivers can be developed upon request. Our platform integrates with SAP, one of the major Hospital Information System (HIS) using custom and standard (HL7) medical protocols.



Data processing

Improve patient monitoring with Better Care algorithms and processing capabilities

BC Link does not only collects patient data, it can also analyze it. System provides multiple indicators and biomarkers that can be used for clinical support decisions,  making it easier to track patient status and evolution. Non-exclusive Partnership with Timpel and Orange Med (a Nihon Koden startaup) signed in 2016 and 2017 to use the patient-ventilator indicators in their ventilators.

Research partners